What is supervision?

Supervision is a process for professionals whose work involves dealing with and helping people. It provides an opportunity to debrief, clarify and resolve issues and dilemmas presented by clients and/or workplaces. A supervisor acts in a mentoring role, providing support as well as information and guidance.

Who benefits from supervision?

All counsellors and those involved in the area of ‘helping people’, regardless of experience, benefit greatly from supervision. Some professions mandate supervision for registration or membership of their professional body.

Those who receive Supervision include:

  • Counsellors
  • Student Counsellors
  • Case workers
  • Business professionals
  • Social Workers
  • School Teacher
  • Ministers, clergy and chaplains
What is the primary purpose of supervision?
  1. Develop knowledge and skill:
  • to receive feedback from your supervisor and reflect on the content and process of your work from another’s perspective
  • to develop skills through the exchange of information, observation and practical experience in supervision sessions
  • to review and discuss your work with individual clients
  • to learn from the supervisor’s experiences, approaches, theories, models and techniques
  1. Maintain quality standards and ethics:
  • to promote the welfare of your clients
  • to fulfill requirement for your certification and accreditation
  1. Support:
  • to have professional and personal support from your supervisor

As with therapy, confidentiality is an indispensable requirement of supervision, as all issues discussed in supervision sessions are sensitive.

Relevant qualifications and experience

Julia has extensive experience as a supervisor for people working in a variety of settings in Australia and overseas. She is a member of the Canberra Supervision Network.

Julia recently completed twelve months of supervision training with the Centre for Existential Practice. Prior to that she attended supervision training at the Australian Catholic University . Julia has also completed supervision specifically related to gender dysphoria and gender diversity.

Julia has her own regular supervision.

Supervision via Skype and/or Telephone

Locating a Supervisor can be a challenge where distance from a skilled supervisor is an issue. Julia provides supervision via Skype, VSee or telephone to overcome distance problems.