Unique approach

Anna, Bruce ACT
I found the unique approach to health and well-being adopted by Julia and Ann-Maree to be incredibly beneficial. The collaborative approach taken to address my concerns and develop a treatment plan at my initial consultation was really helpful in beginning my journey of recovery. In addition to their medical expertise and knowledge, as a team and individually, Julia and Ann-Maree continue to  provide me with ongoing care and support in a positive, safe and friendly environment.

Margaret, Curtain ACT

I initially saw Ann-Maree with concerns about my health and apart from her diagnosing and effectively treating these concerns, she realised that several of my symptoms pointed to underlying issues and she recommended I complete a checklist. Not surprisingly, in view of events that had recently happened in my life, the results showed I was suffering from a heavy depression. Ann-Maree suggested I see Julia, and so, being totally fed up with myself and unable to restore my equilibrium and balanced approach to life, I rang and made an appointment. After our initial meeting Julia raised the possibility that if she and Ann-Maree were to converse with each other they would be very well-placed to facilitate my recovery. I agreed to this suggestion as I believed I could only benefit from such an approach. The process was at all times respectful and by sharing relevant information from our sessions together, Julia and Ann-Maree worked together to help me to a holistic recovery. I was gently and firmly supported not only with wise counsel but also with intelligently diagnosed supplements. I found both Julia and Ann-Maree to be highly competent and caring practitioners, but when allowed to join forces they are truly amazing.


John and Dawn, Northcote Vic
Our specialist referred us to Julia because we were constantly at one another’s throats! Working with Julia taught us both a lot and our relationship has changed because of that – for the better.

Roger, Braddon ACT

Thank you for your sensitivity and professionalism in helping me through such delicate terrain. I am constantly amazed at how far removed I am from that low point and I will be forever grateful for all the help and support you have provided me.

Ruth, Isaacs ACT

I have suffered from depression and anxiety attacks for many years. I began seeing Julia about a year ago and found therapy with her to be extremely helpful. I have found her practice to be caring and very professional. For me the process has been sometimes subtle and sometimes hard but I have definitely experienced progress and improvement, interspersed with moments of joyful breakthroughs. I feel much better equipped to deal with my condition and have a better feeling of awareness and manage every day better.

James, Kaleen ACT

My specialist suggested I see Julia after being diagnosed with HIV after a routine blood test. I was incredibly shocked. Having counselling with Julia’s been amazing – she’s supportive, knowledgeable, skilled, solid and challenging. I’m back on track now and feel great.

David, Griffith ACT

Our relationship was in strife! We had been drifting apart for some time and it was crunch time. Despite the prospect of losing a relationship that had been important to me, I still wasn’t sure whether I wanted to undertake yet another round of counselling. But my partner convinced me that from what they’d read about Julia and her approach, that she could help us – to stay together or to separate more amicably. So, reluctantly I agreed to go to see Julia for counselling. To say I was incredibly nervous and defensive is an understatement. My approach had always been to shut down when a situation was tricky. Pretty soon though, I felt safe, well heard and confident that change was going to benefit our relationship.

Julia’s approach was different to anything I’d experienced before. With each session, I feel as if I understand myself better (lots of light bulb moments for me!) and this allows me to contribute to our relationship more positively. I can’t thank Julia enough for improving my life and my relationship.

Marcia, Hughes ACT

Thanks so much Julia for helping me deal with the anxiety I had since contacting my birthmother and meeting family that until recently I didn’t know I had, and all the complexities that come with that. You’ve helped me stay sane – how can I thank you enough for that?


Karen, Toorak Vic
At 40 and after 2 very unsuccessful cycles of IVF, I didn’t think I’d ever have a baby and now I have healthy twins! A friend suggested I see Ann-Maree, and that turned everything around. The first 2 tried at IVF had shown that I had poor egg numbers and I achieved even poorer fertilisation rates. I was gutted and lost hope.

After seeing Ann-Maree for 3 months I tried again. In the next IVF cycle I produced 6 eggs, 5 fertilised and the specialist said the resulting embryos were excellent. I could hardly believe the results and neither could he! Ann-Maree looked after me and my growing belly throughout my pregnancy and continues to look after us. I couldn’t be happier.

Gayle, O’Connor ACT
Thanks to Ann-Maree I now don’t have to take 3 days off work each month because of grumpiness leading up to my period and then lots of debilitating period pain. The diet, herbs and supplements are easy and I don’t dread periods any longer which is amazing.

David, Lyneham ACT
“I was sick of getting sick – one cold after the other and then I’d get the flu! I laughed when I got home after the first appointment because I’d never taken medicine on a regular basis and Ann-Maree gave me 3 medicines she said I’d need to take for a while to get my immune system back on track. Was I going to become a pill addict!? It’s more than a year later and now I go to work and lots of my colleagues are sneezing, coughing and looking miserable. Before I would have been one of them and now I just don’t seem to get sick any more. I’m really grateful.”

Jillian, Kambah ACT
My 2 children aged 5 and 7 both suffer from mild eczema. Their eczema continued to reappear more regularly and more intensely. We had a cupboard full of prescribed creams and some we bought over the counter – which never really helped with removing the eczema. After a family recommendation we went to see Ann-Maree whose caring and welcoming nature was able to make practical adjustments to our diet and created this most wonderful cream for my children to use. We now call this cream Ann-Maree’s special cream. Both my children love coming to seeing Ann-Maree and will often ask why we can go and visit her. After 2 weeks of Ann- Maree’s advice my daughters eczema had not only gone but is now is easily managed. We love Ann Maree.

Karen, Weston Creek ACT
Thank you so much Ann-Maree – I just have to put pen to paper and thank you for all of your assistance, kindness and amazingness! I came to you with a number of issues – didn’t know which one to address first, and you managed to assist everything – from anxiety, lethargy, mild depression, overweight, menstrual issues – the list goes on!

Not only have did you amaze me, but you also blew away my gynaecologist – here is an outline of my gynaecological history:

  • Originally saw you for long, heavy, painless menstrual bleeds, menstrual cycle becoming irregular.
  • Ultrasound revealed endometrial polyp, fibroid and an ovarian cyst – booked to have the polyp and cyst removed surgically early Feb
  • You started me on natural meds (Nov) – in the hope that they’d get me through to surgery without bleeding to death!
  • Before the scheduled surgery, had ultrasound. To everyone’s amazement, the polyp had resolved and the cyst was resolving so surgery was no longer needed.
  • Gynaecologist said to keep taking what I was taking – ‘naturopathy works Karen – it certainly has its place’!

So, I’m sure it is like a jigsaw – with this issue sorted, everything else has fallen into place and I have lost weight, not anxious or depressed – sleeping a lot better and feel great. So THANK YOU! (I secretly call you Miracle Woman!) Oh – and also you haven’t stopped with my health – you have helped my dog! He had very high liver enzymes (12000 when they should be 220 tops) The vet was wanting to go the surgery line – do a liver biopsy – and at 13 years old, that is not something I want to put him through. Your advice of 1/2 a capsule of liver tonic, combined with a new diet and filtered water, his enzymes are now a much more respectable 512 – still on the high side but coming down – so I am one very relieved fur-kid mum! So I really do stick to my Miracle Woman tag for you 🙂


Debbie ACT
I have derived a huge benefit from supervision sessions with Julia. Just preparing for the sessions is really useful. Julia has made me more aware of my own performance as a counsellor, and I’m more attuned to what is important from both perspectives – the client and the counsellor. I get to share my concerns about some of my clients and Julia often gives me new perspectives and practical approaches I haven’t thought about. I love celebrating my successes with her. 

Christina ACT

I have more confidence in my own practice since beginning supervision with Julia. Julia has opened up other options and approaches that are valuable to me. Supervision gives me reassurance that I’m doing a good job most of the time and focuses me on what’s important if I’m barking up the wrong tree! 

Tess ACT

I really look forward to my supervision sessions with Julia and each one has been really helpful. Supervision’s an opportunity for me to be open and honest with Julia and know I won’t be judged when I talk about my weaknesses, vulnerabilities and problems I’m having with clients. She’s helped me to trust my instincts and to really get to the nitty gritty with my clients. She’s great at seeing patterns in my behaviour and thinking and in my clients. I trust her and her supervision skills. Good supervisors can be hard to find. Julia is a great supervisor.